Tackling transfer: A guide to Convening Community Colleges and Universities top Improve Transfer Student Outcomes

Research shows that very few community college students, many of whom seek a bachelor’s degree, successfully transfer to and graduate from a four-year institution. In fact, only 15 percent of all community college students complete a four-year degree in less than six years. The numbers are far more daunting for Black, Hispanic, and low-income students—all of whom enroll in community colleges at disproportionately high numbers.

In an effort to improve transfer student success, the Aspen Institute, CCRC, Public Agenda, and SOVA have released this implementation guide designed to help state entities organize workshops within which teams from two- and four-year institutions work together to improve transfer and graduation outcomes for their students. Through data analysis and self-reflection of institutional practices, these workshops help institutions develop action plans (individually and among partners) to improve transfer student success.

This guide is accompanied by a number of additional resources (see below), including the CCRC’s How to Measure Community College Effectiveness in Serving Transfer Students. The guide was created as part of the larger Tackling Transfer project and serves as a complement to the 2016 Transfer Playbook.

See the full guide here.