Processing time

Good day everyone. At this point we have 10 resources that have been evaluated by 2 or more people. I will begin to process the data into a rough draft format and share those 10 write-ups with everyone for review and editing. My intent is to have a digital document with our resources evaluated as well as populating the webpage we have started. In this way, members of the field will be able to read the results either in a single document manuscript or they may see the results directly in a category sorted webpage. It may even be nice to include a "suggestions" form on the website to see what ideas the field offers after seeing the results of our work? 

As I work on getting the data collected and written up, I would continue to encourage any and all of you to evaluate more sources if you wish. Unless everyone suddenly does dozens of reviews, I am sure I can keep up with other resources added. I will be editing the form to remove items that already have 2 or more evaluations to help everyone clearly see what resources still remain on our radar for evaluation. Yes, it is a bit late to be evaluating, but the adage goes "Better late than never", right?

I will be drafting up the reports on each resource in a Google Doc and will share a link in this discussion thread for any who wish to edit as we go. 

I hope all of your end of the school year efforts are going well! 


My main resson for posting is to thank you, Ed. I know it is not the end here but I so often think how appreciate your hard work and dedication to this. You have been so patient with us and such a trooper. But I also would like to encourage folks to go to the form and to at least try entering one review for one tool. It is super simple. The hardest part for me was just find the link to it on the website. And speaking of which, I really like the look and simplicity of the site. Again many thanks!

Hi Ed,

I like the idea of a suggestions form, although perhaps it could be Comments and Suggestions. I would like to see comments on the write-ups, for example if there are other kinds of information that readers of the reviews would have liked, and what kinds of information that we have provided they find particularly useful. I would also be interested in other comments they might have. Perhaps in the document you could have a brief description of the review process and how someone might join the Online Tools and Resources Evaluation MicroGroup.

Could you create a few of the write-ups, perhaps 3-4, and let us see if we have any other ideas about what the write-ups document should, if possible, include?

Thanks for all your great work on this project, Ed. I hope it will be able to continue and that we might be able to add new members to this group.


David J. Rosen