Thank you for the mini burst this week! Still more to do...

Thanks to David, Diana and Steve for your push to get some evaluations done this week! We now have nine resources that have at least two evaluations. We still have 6 that could use a second look by others (see list below). There are still over 25 other resources in our library that could easily be reviewed.

When picking resources to review, it may be helpful to avoid some of those resources that require payments because it may be difficult to find a second evaluator that already has an account with that same service. For example, this last week I chose to review IXL Math because I have used it a ton in the past. I was shocked to see that their tool is now subscription based and only allows for a very brief exposure to what they have to offer. That was a sad discovery for me and I probably would not have been able to complete my evaluation had I not already used their service extensively before their fee based system came in.

Often, the introduction or free sample resource provide are not sufficient to do a decent evaluation on. In briefly looking at the list of other resources, Schoolology is another similar resource. We had one person evaluate that already, it may be hard to find a second that has access to Schoology. Still there are reviews online and Youtube has tons of "Introduction to ..." type videos that help us see features. In general, we may have an easier time getting at least two evaluations if we cherry pick the low hanging fruit from our list that does not require purchase. 

We had 10 evaluations added this last week. If everyone in this group evaluated even one resource we would double the accomplishments of last week! A reminder that all the resources, instructions and even a graph indicating which resources already have two or more evaluations is all located at this website. Please contact me if you have questions about how to participate in these valuable efforts. 

Just FYI, resources that currently only have one evaluation include:

  • Basketball GM
  • Bitstrips
  • Blogger
  • IXL Math
  • Poll Everywhere
  • Schoology

I will be diving into some of the other 25+ resources we have not touched yet this weekend so that list of evaluations that need a second evaluation should grow. Just look at the chart on the bottom of our webpage for an update any time.