Two exciting new tools for you to evaluate

Have you heard of todaysmeet? How about Nepris?

These are easy-to-use, free online tools that have many interesting possibilities for adult basic skills teachers and students. I have just added them to our list of tools to evaluate, and hope that some of you will look at and evaluate them. 

I am planning several ways to use todaysmeet, including at a presentation I will be doing next week with some Boston adult literacy education administrators.

I have been watching a few of the over 1800 Nepris archived interactive industry professionals classroom videos; they have fabulous potential for career pathways, and possibly also for writing assignments. The possibility of adult basic skills classes doing a live interactive video with an industry professional is also appealing.  I will post something in the Technology and Learning CoP about this shortly.

David J. Rosen



Thank you for sharing these two resources David. I tried out Todaysmeet and found it very easy to use in terms of creating an audience chat room during a presentation. I looked over the other resource, and I liked the concept, but I tend to shy away from fee based resources. I would love to hear if others find the service as effective as it looks and as it is described. 

I did want to share that Google just added a live audience chat to their Google Slides just a couple of weeks ago. You can check it out here. It is called Google Slides Q&A

I have used it for a couple of years now in pd workshops and love it as do participants. In fact for some very beginner tech integrators they have said it was the first tool they would try for prewriting activities and assessment. It had been free and thought they only charged for only some teacher tools. But apparently tgat has changed? Steve

Hi Ed and Steve,

Todaysmeet is free.  As far as I know there is no premium version.

Nepris has a free version for an individual teacher, and a premium version for schools and school districts that comes with other features such as training.

Thanks for the information about Google slides.

David J. Rosen