Next Steps for Selecting Tools

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all having a good MLK weekend.  

I've had a few questions about how people will select and then start using the tools.  This will all be put in motion this coming week.  I will ask ppl to let me know if they have particular tools that they already use or really want to use and I will assign that/those tools to you.  If you don't have a tool in mind, think about what you are doing in your class right now that could be enhanced in some way - using a rubric, finding a goal setting form - and we will suggest which tools might best be suited for your need.  It's better to start with what you are teaching and then search for a tool - as opposed to seeing a cool tool and saying "hey, I want to use that somehow in my class", although this latter approach I would never discount/disallow/etc because I've no doubt that it also can lead to rich learning and teaching.  But I think you get my point:  you find the materials that support your teaching, you don't seek out how to use materials in your teaching without purpose, right?

I will send further instructions on accessing the online form after this weekend. 

I suggest that you all go over David Rosen's post on his tools list and add your own in your replies if you have any.  You can also check out any that might spark your interest so that you get an idea of what you might want to do.  

If you already know exactly what you want to do, or you are already doing it right now, feel free to reply to this post and tell me what tool(s) you are using/want to use and I will assign them to you.  

BTW, I am assuming that if you have posted an Introduction that you are a member of this project.  Viewers who have not posted an Introduction I will consider (welcome!) visitors only.  

I hope this helps and makes sense to everyone.  

If folks have more questions - please post your queries/replies to this discussion thread. 

Thanks! m









Hi Marie,

I have used Kahoot! and Poll Everywhere.  I was just introduced to Plickers, haven't used it yet, but would be happy to review it if no one else wants it.  I am open to trying any others if these are taken.  Thank you!

I do not have any information about any online assessments so I am open to trying anything.  Most of our learners are beginning level learners.  My learner is at that level so I would be interested in any assessments that might help me with my learner, but I am open to any options.

thank you