LINCS Listening session(s)

Steve and others,

The announcement below, posted today, was a nice surprise. I wonder how moderators might follow up to encourage LINCS members to participate. Is this a real-time video conference or telephone conference? Is it an asynchronous discussion? Please tell us more.

I also wonder if we might sometime soon have a LINCS Community listening session that focuses on Community of Practice groups. We could also ask for comments on increasing membership, providing useful activities to instructors, and expanding LINCS to new users, but with a focus on the various groups in the Community of Practice.



Announcement: LINCS Listening Session Invitation created by LINCS_Communications

Hello David J. Rosen,
LINCS_Communications added the following Announcement:

Are you interested in helping LINCS better serve adult education instructors? If you are an adult education program manager or instructor who has contributed to a LINCS Community discussion or used other parts of the LINCS website, then LINCS needs your input.

LINCS will be hosting an online Listening Session on ways to improve the Community, Resource Collection, and Learning Portal. Contribute your expertise and experience by sharing your thoughts on different topics, including:

  • Expanding LINCS to new users,
  • Providing useful activities and resources to instructors and learners, and
  • Increasing membership in LINCS Community groups.

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Stephen Coleman at or 301-828-1526 by November 2, 2018.


The LINCS Team