Webinar Announcement: Can Immigrant Professionals Help Reduce Teaching Shortages in the U.S.?

About the event:

The webinar will present findings from WES Global Talent Bridge’s upcoming report, Can Immigrant Professionals Help Reduce Teaching Shortages in the U.S.? Policy experts from Washington State and New York City will discuss efforts to streamline pathways for foreign-trained immigrants and refugees to enter the teaching profession.

Issues to be discussed include:

  • How experienced and skilled immigrant professionals can help fill teacher shortages in STEM, bilingual education and other fields, and strengthen teacher diversity in increasingly diverse schools
  • What are some current alternative teacher certification programs and policies at the state and local levels that provide pathways for foreign-trained immigrants into teaching
  • New policy and program initiatives that can further advance the contributions of immigrant professionals as educators in the U.S.

All registrants for the webinar will receive early access to the report when it is released. To register, click here