2017 Kessler Foundation National Employment & Disability Survey

The 2017 Kessler Foundation National Employment & Disability Survey: Supervisors Perspecive (KFNEDS: SP) is the first national survey to look at the effectiveness of the practices that employers use to recruit, hire, train, and retain people with disabilities in their organizations, from the unique perspective of supervisors of employees with and without disabilities.  The results offer important new information for employers, policymakers, legislators, and the disability community.  Information about the utilization and effectiveness of workplace practices will engender new priorities, policies, and programs to educate and assist employers as they strive to expand practices with the greatest potential for improving employment outcomes of people with disabilities.
The KFNEDS:SP also generated answers to many open-ended questions that delve deeper into supervisors’ perspectives and experiences working with people with disabilities. Qualitative data from these questions are likely to reveal emerging practices not yet fully recognized in the field of employment and disability. Updates on this report, as well as future results and publications, can be found at KesslerFoundation.org/kfsurvey17.