Brief: Reframing Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs): A Counterstory of a “Latinized” Institution in the Midwest

Hello all, 

Linked is a new research brief that reframes research and policy perspectives on HSIs. The researched team sought to answer the question of What does a "Latinized" postsecondary institution look like? This report is based on qualitative interview data from a multi-site case study of three HSIs in the Midwest. Rather than looking at data that are typically used to determine an institution’s value and prestige (i.e., SAT/ACT scores, selectivity, graduation rates, persistence rates), here we use the participants’ stories in order to make sense of what it means, beyond White normative standards, to effectively serve Latinx students. We use a critical race counterstory methodology to tell a story about HSIs from an assets-based perspective.


For all of you who are associated with an HSI or any other MSI, what does that institution look like for you?