Report: The Counter Narrative: Reframing Success for High Achieving Black and Latino boys in Los Angeles County.

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UCLA researchers released a report offering a counter narrative for men and boys of color in Los Angeles County. Though the report largely focuses on secondary students, there are implications for community colleges. Another bright spot of this report is the acknowledgment of Black and Latina women, whose narrative are often left out. The authors provide a short bibliography of recommended readings on girls and women of color. 

The report offers six recommendations for schools to further support Black and Latino males:

  • Teacher-student relationships beyond the classroom
  • School and community organizations: providing social and emotional support
  • Developing a school culture of success
  • Challenge traditional notions of masculinity for Black and Latino males
  • Recognize Black and Latino male resiliency
  • Rethinking school success

Which areas does you institution excel in with respect to the six recommendations provided by the authors? What areas of opportunity are there for your institution and how are you currently addressing them?