Report: Equitable investments in the next generation: Designing policies to close the racial wealth gap

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In Equitable Investments in the Next Generation: Designing Policies to Close the Racial Wealth Gap, IASP and the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) build on findings from analyses using the Racial Wealth Audit—first launched by IASP and Demos—to focus attention on the ways in which education policy proposals can reduce or exacerbate racial wealth disparities.  The analysis reveals the potential role that educational policies in the areas of student debt, higher education, and asset-development for youth may have in promoting equity and reducing the racial wealth gap.  By comparing racial wealth disparities seen today with projected wealth outcomes by race and ethnicity following the implementation of proposed policy solutions, the report suggests promising frameworks for new policy proposals, including targeted universalism, and cautions policymakers to avoid educational investments that could deepen existing wealth inequalities.