Show Me the Way: The Power of Advising in Community Colleges

The Center for Community College Student Engagement has released a new report on student advising that provides information on effective advising practices and examples from community colleges nationwide.

The report concludes with 12 key questions for the college community, including advisors and faculty, to discuss when planning advising services, including these:

1. How does your college determine how many advisors it needs? Are all credential- and transfer-seeking students advised every term? Is not advising them every term acceptable? Do 15-minute sessions once per term provide enough advising? If some students need to be advised more than once per term, does your college have the capacity to manage that need? What would it take to meet with all students for the necessary amount of time prior to each term?

2. Have expectations for advisors changed at your college in the past five years? If so, has the college updated the advisors’ job description? What training does your college offer advisors so that they are prepared for their current role?

How would your college answers these questions?


Hi, Sandra -

Thanks for sharing this report with us, and the questions it asks of community college advisors.  The few that I know personally have noted that their role has changed a lot in the last several years.  

I'm wondering if you can tell us a bit about your role in working with adult learners?  Are you also in an advising role?  


Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator