CTE Teaching and Equity issues when taught online remotely

Hello Advancing Equity Colleagues,

There have been several discussions on LINCS since mid-March about moving adult basic skills education programs online, and teaching them remotely, but I have not seen one about teaching CTE programs remotely. There may be some unique challenges in doing that, especially for training programs that lead to certification or credentialing that may require direct observation of demonstrated competencies. Nevertheless, some of the issues may be the same as for adult basic skills programs. I also wonder what equity issues online courses remotely raise.

What are your thoughts? If you newly, or for some time, have provided CTE training online, remotely, what have you learned about good or best practices for engaging students in remote CTE training, assuring high participant attendance and completion, assessing competencies and other important teaching and learning features of online, remote or distance education?

David J. Rosen