Ohio Make Your Future/Build Their Future Guidebooks

The Ohio Make Their Futures/Build Their Futures Guidebooks were created to dispel stereotypical ways of thinking about the high-skill, high-wage construction and manufacturing career fields. The guide for educators presents strategies to help remove barriers that limit females and other historically underrepresented student groups from pursuing these fields. The lessons can help educators in outreach and recruitment to non-traditional students, as well as in showing students the many pathways within construction and manufacturing. Guides for students and their families that include student success stories are also available.  

The Guides were created by the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Career-Technical Education and the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity.

MAKE THEIR FUTURES: Ohio’s Manufacturing Industry: A practical guide for educators


MAKE YOUR FUTURE: Ohio’s Manufacturing Industry: A practical guide for students and their families


BUILD THEIR FUTURES: Ohio’s Construction Industry: A practical guide for educators


BUILD YOUR FUTURE: Ohio’s Construction Industry: A practical guide for students and their families






Linda, thank you for sharing this information. Everyone can find additional links to the guidebooks on the NAPE website: https://www.napequity.org/products/career-guidebooks/ohio/​. I also wrote an article about the approach we took in the creation of these guidebooks in the February 2018 issue of ACTE Techniques Magazine. The article is titled "The Power of Micromessages in Marketing, Recruitment and Success in CTE" (also accessible from the link above). We are excited to continue to partner with Ohio Department of Education in expanding these resources in the future. Please share these great resources with educators, students and families!

Hi Ben and Linda, I had a chance to review the article and I loved how you approached the cultural aspect of marketing, guiding practitioners to self check their marketing resources to determine if these resources resonate with the audience. Can you provide a bit of insight into how you developed these resources? How have they been used? I'm excited to learn more about your experiences. Sincerely, Kathy Tracey

Kathy...to answer your question about the cultural aspect of the guidebooks and marketing, I'm sure Dr. Ben Williams will also check in and talk about how NAPE (along with the Ohio Department of Education) utilized subject matter expert groups from industry and education to address outreach efforts and attitudes.  NAPE conducted a series of mindset mini-workshops with Ohio K-12 teachers and counselors comparing their answers with other states, as well as Ohio geographically.  Asking the right questions to engage an audience can be an art.  Ben Williams is an artist at drawing people into a discussion wrapped around pertinent questions addressing emotions and learned judgments.