Fostering Completion of Earnings-Enhancing Post-HS Programs among Low-Income Individuals

This presentation is an excellent resource for those looking to make the connection between equitable outcomes and students' access to education and career information. Dr. Louis Jacobson, President of New Horizons Economic Research, provides a strong case with plentiful data support, for multiple paths to higher-income fields. Instead of the traditional focus on high secondary GPAs as predictors of academic success in traditional 4-year programs, Dr. Jacobson argues for promoting indicators inclusive of other post-secondary programs, such as factors affecting degree completion, and long-term earnings, to provide students a more accurate picture of their educational options and returns. 

This presentation provides evidence that lack of information and guidance is a major reason low-income students fail to complete earnings-enhancing post-secondary programs. But the good news is that information deficits can be addressed with accurate data about these about local programs, especially through guidance programs, starting in middle school and continuing through adult education.