Best Practices for Implementing PD

Hi all, 

I am hoping to generate a discussion about what you have been doing thus far in the year. What topics /trends do you see as the most popular or most needed in your area? How are you delivering PD? Online? Face to Face? Combination? 

What barriers to participation are you seeing? And what tips do you have to share? We have a great group here and we can learn together so I am hoping to generate some discussions about current PD needs. 

Loooking forward to your sharing and learning from you. 


Has anyone else noticed a drop in participation in professional development?  I am seeing this for face-to-face and web-based sessions in two states.  What do you do to market your sessions?

Hi Connie, 

I am seeing a drop in participation. There are a lot of reasons - programs struggling for funding so traveling for PD is not always an option, staff are often working part time and off site at remote locations - making scheduling a common location and time for PD very difficult. We have also seen PD delivered at a distance provides technology challenges to some professionals. These are all huge issues for providers of PD. 

Ironically, this also mirrors what's happening in the adult education as students often list the same barriers to full participation and engagement. I'd love to hear how others are marketing their PD so I hope our audience chimes in with some ideas.