New Member Intro

I am excited to find Stefanny Chaisson listed as a new member in this group. Steffany was just trained to provide LINCS-motivated workshops in Integrating Digital Literacy and Problem Solving into Instruction in Louisiana.

I hope that you will find a lot of support here, Steffany. Be sure to bring up ideas, concerns, resources, everything here among us. To post, simply click the Discussion tab and then on "+Add a discussion."  Also, when you offer training in your state, drop in to tell us how things went! Finally, when you get a breather during this busy time and after you recover from the hurricane Harvey, do complete your profile with a pic included so we can get to know you better. Welcome! Leecy

Note: This is an invitation to have all state trainers introduce themselves in this forum and complete their profiles. Mine can be found by clicking the image on my postings.