New Resources: The Self-Assessment and Asset Map Tools are Now Available

States can now track their progress toward meeting the state leadership activity requirements set forth in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Section 223, with the new State Leadership Self-Assessment and Asset Map Tools. The LINCS Professional Development Center created these tools to help states develop and improve their professional development (PD) programs and to gauge priorities and implementation readiness. The Self-Assessment Tool is grounded in existing literature on state PD programs and systems. State staff can use it to examine the foundational components and key features of effective, high-quality PD programs and identify gaps and technical assistance needs. States can also use the tool to monitor their compliance with Section 223 and to build a strong statewide PD program.The Asset Map Tool helps state teams organize and plan how they will address gaps identified by the Self-Assessment Tool. The Asset Map Tool provides a process for teams to conceptualize existing and required resources, partnerships, key milestones, and actions for achieving goals.
Use of the tools is voluntary, but when used together, the tools help states:
  • Examine PD programs
  • Identify the presence and extent of PD components
  • Assess potential gaps
  • Determine next steps and priorities
  • Track compliance with required state leadership activities and progress toward identified goals
  • Develop plans to address identified gaps
  • Identify resources and actions that need to be taken to reach the goal of establishing high-quality professional development programs
The Self-Assessment Tool was pilot tested by eight states. Both tools were vetted by a representative body of state professional development leaders who found the tools easy to use and helpful. The PD Center recommends that they be used by teams of state staff and those involved in planning and executing PD for the state. Join us at 1:30pm (ET) on November 29, 2017, as we introduce the tools and hear from states that have piloted them. Register now for the webinar!
To access these and other tools now, visit the LINCS PD Center. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact