Big push this last week!

Last week we had two members start to evaluate some resources and that is great to see a little momentum. I definitely subscribe to the "Better late than never" philosophy, so it is time for any procrastinators out there to feel some pressure and guilt that they need to get some stuff done this next week :) 

It is very likely that many of us may not be in a classroom with students right now. This may have been holding some of us back from evaluating. If this has not been a challenge and there has been something else in the way, could you please email me directly so I can better understand the challenges people have had in engaging in this important work? ( ). 

For those of us without classes in session right now, please feel free to fill out evaluations on resources. Our ideal in the last few months has been to have students and teachers working with these resources to share their experiences. This has not happened so we would like to be able to at least add some evaluations to our resource pool so we can share that data with the filed in July. Evaluations only take about 5 minutes after you get familiar with the resource. Please try to find time this last week to evaluate at least three of the resources in from our collection. 

if you encounter any challenges or have questions, please contact me or post in this thread and clarification will be offered promptly. 

Happy evaluating everyone!!!! Looking forward to reading your evaluations!