Feedback needed

Good day everyone. A little while back I offered a suggested timeline for everyone to engage in evaluating online resources. Earlier we had an opportunity to discuss the evaluation form and that was modified based on feedback. We had an opportunity to try to virtually meet to ask questions and to see what the process looked like as well. 

Still, we are only a few weeks away from the end of this project and we have not had an evaluation done yet by this year's group. I am curious what I can offer to help make this easier. I will try to record a video that walks you through the process and hopefully, when you see that the evaluation only takes 5 - 10 minutes it may seem easier to get in and start evaluating? If you have barriers or challenges to engaging in this project, could you share them either here in this thread or email me ( 

Perhaps people are focusing more on using the resources with students and have just not had time to record evaluations? Do people have students available to work with over the summer with these tools? 

If there is anything more I might offer to help encourage or assist you in starting to evaluate resources on our list, please advise. Last year's group managed 38 evaluations. If your competitive juices help motivate you, the current score is last year 38, this year 0 so far surprise



Hi Ed,

Thanks for making this short video that shows how easy the tools and resources evaluating process is. I hope teachers will be able to try out the apps they chose to evaluate with their students, but for those who can't, can they still evaluate the apps?

Everyone: you signed up in this group to evaluate apps. Ed explained several times that this was a "doing" group, and what the timeline was. Time is running out. To cut to the chase, please fulfill your commitment now.



David J. Rosen

We have our first evaluation completed !!!!! Whooo Hooo !!!! More to come I hope!

Thank you David for bringing up the question about "...can they still evaluate the apps?". For many of us, with the time available now, getting the resources in the hands of our students may just not be practical. That is unfortunate, but I like to make the best of any situation. If teachers can use the resources and wish to evaluate them, I feel there is value. I simply ask the following:

When filling out the USAGE field, please include either (without students) or (with students) at the end of your little blurb. This can help me accurately record which evaluations (if any) were done after working with students. Please let me know if more clarification is needed. 

Any time we professionals can share our opinions, practice and experiences with each other, we all learn and get better at what we do. I thank those of you able to get some evaluations in in the next couple of weeks!

Good day everyone, I just wanted to update you on how we are doing in terms of volume of evaluations. We have had a couple people participate in evaluating at least one resource and a total of 3 resources have so far been evaluated. Thank you to those that have started in. 

If you have any questions about how to get started in evaluating resources or accessing any of the resources, you can email me ( or you can post your questions here. We have until the end of next week (6/30/17) for a realistic end of evaluations and it would be wonderful to see a huge push in this week and a half time period. The expression "Better late than never" comes to mind :)