Free & Open Resources for Academic, Employability, and 21st-Century Skills

Happy Monday!

I wanted to share something we recently launched to promote the increased use of free and open educational resources in adult education. 

CrowdED Learning just launched its first Skill Directory—a set of 11 subject-area PDFs, each of which includes a listing of comprehensive, free resources that can be used to support instruction in each subject area. Each PDF can be downloaded, or can be copied over as a Google Doc into Drive so you can add whatever additional resources you might want. 

Here's a link to a blog announcing the launch of this page, as well as future plans for enhancing and fine-tuning how we will work with these resources (and more) to organize them in relation to core competencies for adult learners.

If you don't feel like reading me blathering on about the directory, here's a direct link to the directory smiley

I hope you find these of use!


Please note: Not all of the resources listed within the directory are 100% open. On each doc, at the end, there is a note with links to help explain the difference between "free" and "open." Free is still just need to be certain you are using the resource within the proper terms of use. :)

Thanks so much for this, Jeff! I've been searching for independent writing and grammar activities for my clients, and I really appreciate that someone has already done the legwork and compiled them in one source!


The ELC Study Zone from the University of Victoria in British Columbia is my favorite online grammar practice site.  Their exercises give excellent feedback on both correct and incorrect answers and the platform has some nice little quality of life features like randomizing the question order each time you open the page and the ability to have the computer give you the next letter in an answer.



Thanks, Josh and Kelsey, for your shares. 

Another grammar site that I was alerted to which Grammar Bytes ( It's both fun & quirky, but also incredibly extensive in content. There are handouts, videos, PPT presentations, and more. The handouts are great b/c they can be printed and done on hard copy, and then students can go online to check their answers. (And, the higher level ones are quite challenging; I completely bombed comma splices and fused sentences!)

Now that it's summer and the free resource garden is in full bloom, I'm going to have to do some weeding and make some adjustments to add both of these to the Writing directory. Will announce when added.