Timeline to evalutate

The parameters for this micro group have us evaluating for the next 5 weeks. In that time it is expected that educators would we able to explore and evaluate at least three resources. To help manage goal setting and time management, I offer the following timeline:

Tuesday 5/23 to Tuesday 5/30 work with a tool of your choice from our list of resources 

Wednesday 5/31 Complete an evaluation for your first tool explored. 

Thursday 6/1 to Thursday 6/8 work with a second tool of your choice from our list of resources

Friday 6/9 Complete an evaluation for your second tool explored.

Monday 6/12 to Monday 6/19 work with a third tool of your choice from our list of resources

Tuesday 6/20 Complete an evaluation for your third tool explored.

Please don't feel you are limited to just 3. After you do one of these evaluations and see how easy it is, you will realize that this is not a huge time commitment and may wish to tackle a number of resources. The more evaluations we share, the more useful our work will be to the field at large. 

This schedule gives me a few days to compile the results and draft up a report for the group's review before we publish our results in July.

If, at any point you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. You will find I am very quick to respond to email (ohgeer@gmail.com) but posting your questions here in this thread may help others who may have been wondering the same things you were.  Let me know if there is anything more I can provide to help you find success in evaluating at least three resources. 



I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! 

We just have a day or so left of exploring the first tool you wanted to play with. If you are trying to pace yourself so that you don't have all three evaluations to do at the end of June, our target was to have a first evaluation done by the end of the day Wednesday. No one is keeping score or hounding anyone to get these done. The schedule and reminders are meant as encouragement to offer your voice so the community can benefit from your experiences with some wonderful tools available. 

Please post here or email me (ohgeer@gmail.com) if you have any questions.


Julie, usually I can just add someone's email, but I don't think I could find yours in your profile. Instead of using the Diigo list, you can go to the website that has all the categories and browse through those items. Note that there are not hyperlinks to these resources on the webpage, we used Diigo for those. Some of the categories have no resources listed, because no one had offered any of those types. If you see a name with a highlight and it is underlined, that is a resource that we have at least two evaluations on. Feel free to evaluate one of those if you wish, but it would be nice to have some of the grey, unevaluated ones tried out by people as well.  

Thank you for reaching out, I hope the list on the webpage offers some direction.