In conclusion, the Math Mindsets group is still open!

Dear Mathematical Mindsets Book Study Group,

THANK YOU!! :) for all of your contributions to the discussion of Mathematical Mindsets.  Thank you for sharing big picture ideas, suggestions for the classroom, great questions, and your mathematical thinking.  I'm so happy with the engagement of the group and the high quality of our discussion.  Here are some ways to stay involved:

  • Jo Boaler is teaching an online course about Mathematical Mindsets this summer; she is offering a free webinar on Thursday to share more details about the course:
  • Participate in the LINCS Math and Numeracy discussion!  You can post about Math Mindsets or any other topic related to adult numeracy.
  • This Mathematical Mindsets discussion will remain open.  Almost everyone that I talked to about the book study said that they were not able to keep up as much as they would have liked.  The discussion posts are not going anywhere, so get together with colleagues to read Mathematical Mindsets this summer or fall and use the discussion questions and what others have shared for additional resources and inspiration.  (Feel free to continue to add to the online discussion as well.)  The full set of study questions are listed in a pdf in the Documents tab.

Thanks again, everyone!  Happy summer!




Maybe it's just me, but I don't see a "Documents" tab anywhere, and I would love to print the full set of study questions. Thanks for facilitating this book study, Amy! ~Jethra...Nevermind, upon further searching I found it!




I took Jo Boaler's first (free) online "How to Learn Math" course four years ago and would highly recommend it.  It was interesting, informative, and thought-provoking -- just like this recent book study you facilitated so well!  I have been using her growth mindset videos and positive norms to encourage in math classes with my pre-GED/GED students ever since, and these resources always inspire rich discussion.  Her website is great, too, and you can sign up for her mailing list. 

Although I read Mathematical Mindsets last fall, I plan to read it again this summer with your questions in front of me.  I have appreciated and learned from everyone else's posts, too!





I also took the course and really liked it ;) 

I would love to collaborate on creating materials that apply some fo the ideas to basic adult learners (her course was more geared to people who were accustomed to being academically successful).  I've been in & out of online communities for a bit but some things are settling down...