Unit Outline Rubric Posted

Greetings Circle! In Week 2, we will start populating the Unit-Outline Template. In order to guide your input into the four sections (Context, Task, Texts, and Skills), we are providing you with a rubric with criteria matched to the Guide's recommendations. Use the rubric as you find it helpful both in developing activities and resources, and in providing one another with feedback on what is being posted. Your input is valued in all of our Circle activities. You are invited to comment on rubric criteria and to suggest changes as you see fit.

You will find the rubric, template, and template sample at http://learnresources.org/guidetoliteracy.htm.

NOTE: In this first week of actual development, you are certainly not expected to complete all aspects of the four sections. Instead, provide some content in each one to show that you have a good start on meeting final criteria. You will be providing feedback to others and receiving it from them as well. Please feel free to work alone, in pairs, or in groups as you wish, based on the information shared in our Get to Know Each Other forum.

Onward! The PIACC Literacy Circle Team