Let the Dialogue Continue!

Greetings One and All! We have reached the completion of our four weeks together but, hopefully, not the end of our dialogue on this important topic! 

You are encouraged to continue dialoguing in this Circle if you wish. It will remain open as will the site, learnresources.org, which holds some of the resources we used. The PIAAC Literacy Framework and Amy Trawick's Using the PIAAC Literacy Framework to Guide Instruction provide fertile ground for much further reflection and action.

You are also highly encouraged to participate in discussions in our larger Reading and Writing Community of Practice (CoP). We need more voices exchanging ideas, practices, and resources to encourage higher and higher levels of literacy among our American adults! Each of us brings a unique experience and background working with adults. We have a wealth of knowledge among us. Together, we can make a difference! 

I know this is not a traditional New Year, but October marks the beginning of our LINCS New Year. Let's resolve together to enrich our field with the ideas we exchange. You can promote dialogue in the Reading and Writing or any other LINCS community by starting a new discussion or commenting on what your colleagues have taken the time to post! Let's continue this conversation.

The four moderators for this group, Dianna Baycich, Kathy Tracey (Science  and Professional Development CoPs), Susan Finn Miller (Teaching and Learning, and English Language Acquisition CoPs), and Leecy Wise (Reading and Writing CoP) thank you for your contributions to the Circle discussions we've held. We have learned a great deal from you, which we will also share in all of the LINCS communities to which we belong. We hope that our interactions and resources have been helpful to you as well.

We want to thank Amy Trawick, our illustrious author and guide in this process, for taking time to continually post responses and share ideas throughout these wonderful four weeks. Thank you, Amy! We have been so fortunate to have you be part of this project!

Let the conversations continue! Thanks one and all, The PIAAC Literacy Circle Team


Thanks, Leecy! And thank you for your leadership in this Literacy Circle and for inviting me to participate. It was a treat to read how practitioners are thinking about the Guide and to participate in the conversations around it. I look forward to hearing more about the developing work in classrooms, programs, and states (what's going on in Virginia sounds especially comprehensive!).

Those of you who plan to move forward with unit/curriculum development: Please feel free to email me if specific questions arise for you. I'd be curious to know what those are and would be willing to help problem-solve.

All the best-


Amy R. Trawick Burke, VA atrawick1@gmail.com