Unit Outline Checkslist!

Greetings! Given the fact that you are not being awarded points or a grade for your work, we have decided to replace the rubric with a much more simple tool to help you identify the important elements to address in continuing to complete your Unit Outline. 

The Checklist is posted below. You may also download it in Word or open it online on our site, http://learnresources.org/guidetoliteracy.htm. As you provide feedback to each other, please address the Checklist items in your comments so that we are all "on the same page" in terms of creating our final work. Thanks!

Please take a moment to give us some feedback on this substitution. Does it help you? How would you compare the rubric to a checklist?

Designing Contextualized Units Using PIAAC Tools



Checklist for Proficient Development of a Unit



  • Context is clearly related to students’ lives outside the classroom and is likely to be important or relevant to adult students.


Unit Task

  • The Unit Task is clearly defined in student terms and can be easily assessed.
  • Purpose, audience, and product are all authentic to how reading is applied in work, community, family, or lifelong learning activity.
  • Product requires information acquired from reading to be put to use.
  • In general, the task is appropriate for the instructional level targeted, though differentiation may be required for specific students.



  • Students practice applying the targeted skills/strategies within authentic text (i.e., sstudents are likely interacting at length with at least 4-6 Internet articles, book chapters, news sites, blogs, forms, infographics, poems, etc.) during the unit.
  • The rhetorical stance(s) targeted for instruction ,relate(s) to the Unit Task.
  • Digital sources are used, if appropriate.



  • The reading skills/strategies targeted for instruction work together to address the Unit Task.
  • Cognitive strategies (access/identify, integration and interpretation, and/or evaluation or reflection) are a major focus of instruction included.
  • The number of skills/strategies targeted is appropriate for the amount of time in the unit.
  • For beginning and intermediate students, component skills (e.g., alphabetics, vocabulary, fluency) are appropriately emphasized.


Thank you! The PIAAC Circle Team



I like that is is very clear what the expectations are for each section. Given the descriptions, I think the checklist is a much better assessment tool for this work :) Thank you for offering it!