Telling Your Partnership's Story

What a great first conversation! We are excited to have the next conversation on the topic of "Telling Your Partnership's Story." Many partnerships do great work and have seen many successes, but how do you communicate this to your network ? Our two panelists will provide their experiences, but please post any questions or topics you would like to have us cover during the conversation. After the conversation, we will post any unanswered questions, and we invite you to participate and share your thoughts and strategies. 



Do you have any others? Please share!

  • National Manufacturing Day website: Link
  • Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP): Link
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Talent Pipeline Management: Link
  • Living wage calculator to use to better understand local and regional wage statistics: Link
  • Milwaukee podcast series on growing businesses: Link
  • Example website from Michigan on green vehicle manufacturing: Link
  • Example website from Detroit about IT careers: Link