Vertical Integration in Your Manufacturing Partnership

We are very excited to host the first conversation on the topic of vertical integration. Please use this thread to post questions you may like us to answer during the scheduled conversation. We invite all participants to contribute their thoughts or experiences should there be a question you would like to address.


As we've been working to crack this nut for us locally in Peoria, I've utilized a fantastic model from Vermillion Advantage in Danville, Illinois,, and from Indiana called Conexus, 

We're close to formalizing some apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships however, and as soon as we get this done. I'll be glad to share out our framework!

Great comment from a participant: "Regarding finding champions within the manufacturing organizations:  if you can identify the manager who is experiencing the greatest level of pain because of turnover - usually in an entry-level position - that person is sometimes the best champion and is willing to interface with education providers to help design the needed curriculum and training."

We also heard that HR can be the best contact at employers to build relationships. How do you find and recruit partners?