ICYMI: The Legacies of Systemic Inequities

On Monday Greg Deegan of Teaching Cleveland/Teaching Place presented on The Legacies of Systemic Inequities.  It was a powerful presentation. I was honestly so focused on the presentation that I neglected to take a lot of notes.  The most striking thing that he shared for me is that the life expectancy in the neighborhood 5 minutes from where I work is 10 years higher than in the neighborhood where I work.  Here are a few other nuggets that I captured.

  1. A racially structured society is what causes racial inequity.
  2. Racial inequity looks the same across systems. 
  3. Socioeconomic differences do not explain racial inequity.  
  4. The assumptions we make about people are a "social shorthand" that allows us to predict quickly.  
  5. We can use our privilege to serve others.  We can ask ourselves, "When I am in a position of power, how do I use that power to create equity?"  

What stood out to you?