Creating Accessible Assets

Live Zoom Event

If you serve learners with disabilities and would like to gain a better view of what it means for materials to be accessible and to see how inaccessible some materials can be for students who rely on screen readers, then this session is for you. Seeing how screen readers operate with poorly designed materials can be truly eye-opening. Learn tips for making adult literacy content more accessible. Our presenter is Penny Pearson, a former Coordinator for Distance Learning Projects at OTAN supporting adult education teachers with technology integration and professional development for California since 2007. She officially retired form OTAN in July of 2022, and now works part-time for OTAN as a subject matter expert. Prior to coming to OTAN, she was a Career Technical Education instructor for 12 years. She frequently presents at conferences at all levels. She advocates for accessible documents, and she is a vocal supporter of Open Educational Resources for Adult Learners.

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