Educational Barriers for the Immigrant/Refugee/Asylee

Live Zoom Event

What is the difference between an immigrant, refugee, and asylee, and what types of barriers do these individuals face in their pursuit of education? How can adult literacy educators best support adult learners with immigrant, refugee, or asylee status? Join us in a discussion with Jennifer Gagliardi, LINCS Moderator for Civics Education and Citizenship, and Kendra McCracken, doctoral student and author of a Case Study on an adult immigrant's experience in adult literacy education. fIn this session you will learn what each classification means, what they have in common, how they differ, and more importantly, what you can do to create safe spaces for students to learn in your program.   

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I thought this was a really engaging webinar. Was it just me? I thought the speakers were informative and the perspective was unique. I wish they had recorded it. I had to leave early.  I'd like to see them do a series, maybe with Immigration Services to talk about Visas, too. Not to water down the information this webinar contained. But I really liked it.