New NCC Civic Calendar and AHA Summer Reading Challenge

Summertime is prep time!  Here are two resources to help enrich your 2024-2025 civic curriculum.

The National Constitution Center 2024-2025 Civic Calendar

The  National Constitution Center (NCC)’s 2024-2025 Civic Calendar is coming soon (see the 2023/2024 calendar here)! This year’s calendar explores constitutional election connections.  This year, we examine the history of elections and voting rights in the United States, exploring the Electoral College, Inauguration Day, and voter technology. In addition to historic birthdays, anniversaries, and constitutional trivia, the calendar also includes the latest information on the Center’s 2024-2025 programs to help you plan your full year of constitutional learning. Calendars will be shipped in late July.  RESERVE YOUR CIVIC CALENDAR

The American Historical Association 2024 Summer Reading Challenge

The American Historical Association AHA presents the third annual Summer Reading Challenge. To complete the challenge, participants will complete just three reading tasks (one per month) in June, July, and August. These tasks encourage you to read widely—outside your field, your areas of expertise, and your personal experiences. For these tasks, we define “a history” as nonfiction of any length—a book, an article, a chapter.

The 2024 #AHAReads tasks are:

  • Read a history of a place you’re visiting this summer.
  • Read a history by a scholar whose day job is outside academia.
  • Read a co-authored history.
  • Read a history of Indigenous people.
  • Read a piece of historical fiction (novel, story, poem, play) set in the time or place you study.
  • Learn from a historian presenting their scholarship in an amicus brief, digital collection, exhibition, podcast, video, or another format outside traditional academic publishing.

Want a paper checklist?  Download a PDF.  See the past AHA reading challenges.