New USCIS Engagements for Dec 2023

USCIS recently announced four new engagements for Dec 2023: 12/1 Change of Address;  12/1: Adjustment of Status; 12/5: Statelessness; and Dec 12/8: Grants  Also check the USCIS National and Local Engagement pages for Webex sessions: Dec 7: How to Petition Relatives; and Dec 14: Asylum Overview.


Respond by Dec 1: Invitation: Help Shape the USCIS Customer Experience for electronic Change of Address

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has created a way to change a physical or mailing address within a USCIS Online account. We would love your feedback on this new process.

Participation Details

•             An online 45-minute session with our research team to walk through the electronic Change of Address process and provide feedback on it.

•             Sharing webcam video so we can see your face during the session, if you are comfortable doing so. NOTE: Sharing webcam video is not required to participate.

•             Participation is voluntary and will not affect the outcome of any pending or future case you may have. We will not request any case-specific information as part of this study. However, we will request limited personally identifiable information (PII), such as name and email address, for administration of this project.

•             Participants should be able to complete a 45-minute session with our research team. The session will walk through the electronic change of address feature and collect feedback. Participants may also enable their webcam video during the session as an option. Use of video while participating in the feedback session is not required.

Send an email to  with the subject line “Change of Address Usability Session”. The body of your email should state that you are willing to participate and meet the listed participation criteria. We will select participants who meet the criteria listed above for a 45-minute online session. Our team will follow up with you by email to coordinate a date and time for the online session.


Respond by Dec. 1: Invitation: Help Shape the USCIS Customer Experience for Filing Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is revising Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, to make it easier for applicants to complete, and we would like to get feedback on the proposed revision before it goes live to the public. 

What Participation Involves
Reading a portion of the Form I-485 application instructions at home and preparing to complete Part 9 (“General Eligibility and Inadmissibility Grounds”); and

  • Participating in a volunteer, online 90-minute session with our research team to complete Part 9 of the application and provide feedback on it.

Participation in the usability study is voluntary, and all answers you provide on Part 9 (“General Eligibility and Inadmissibility Grounds”) of the application and any feedback you provide will be kept confidential from anyone who is not on the research team. Furthermore, the answers and feedback you provide will have no effect on current or future applications, petitions, or benefit requests with USCIS.

Send an email to with the subject line “I-485 Usability Session” saying that you are willing to participate. 


Tue Dec. 5, 2-3 pm ET: Stateless Noncitizens Present in the United States

During this engagement, USCIS will provide an overview of its policy on stateless noncitizens and the implementation process. We will then hold a question-and-answer session. We will not address case-specific questions, questions outside the scope of the engagement, or issues under active litigation.   

Registration is not required. Please use Microsoft Teams to join the engagement. 


Fri. Dec 8, 2-3 pm ET USCIS Grant Program Listening Session

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) invites you to participate in a listening session on Friday, Dec. 8, from 2 – 3 p.m. Eastern, to engage in dialogue with us about the Citizenship and Integration Grant Program. With the program now operating in its 15th year, we are seeking feedback from the public on ways we can better meet the needs of organizations working to promote naturalization among the eligible to naturalize members of their communities.  

Questions for consideration:
While USCIS is interested in overall feedback regarding the Citizenship and Integration Grant program, we would appreciate feedback on the following questions:

  1. The goal of the USCIS Citizenship and Integration Grant Program is to expand the availability of high-quality citizenship preparation services across the nation. Although USCIS has funded organizations in 41 states, there are pockets of Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) populations that have not benefited from USCIS funding. What are the most effective ways to raise awareness about the USCIS grant program?
  2. What barriers prevent immigrant-serving organizations from applying for USCIS grant funding?
  3. Currently, the average funding level of a USCIS grant is $300,000 and this funding is used over a two-year performance period. In your opinion, would the Citizenship and Integration Grant Program be more effective in meeting its goal if it offered a smaller number of larger grants, or a larger number of smaller grants? Why?
  4. If you were writing a grant to help USCIS achieve its goal of expanding our national capacity to support those on the pathway to citizenship, what type of grant would you write and why? Please keep in mind that grant funds cannot be used to pay USCIS application fees or to provide services to individuals who are not on a pathway to citizenship.
  5. There are approximately 9.2 million Lawful Permanent Residents in the United States that may be eligible to naturalize. What are the unmet needs of these LPRs, and what type of programs should USCIS consider funding to help meet these needs?

To Register:

1. Visit our registration page.

2.  You will be asked to provide your email address and select “Submit.”

3. On the next screen, you will see a notification that you successfully subscribed to this event. Once we process your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details.  

If you have any questions, or if you have not received a confirmation email within two business days, please email us at

To request a disability accommodation to participate in this engagement, email us at by 4 p.m. Eastern on Friday, December 1.