Quick Civics Ed and Citizenship Resources for the New Year

Welcome to 2023!  The New Year promises to be memorable as we incorporate the IELCE Immigrant Integration Framework in our classroom curriculum and prepare for the redesign of the Naturalization Interview, including a news set of civics questions.  Here are a couple of resources to get us started.

A glance back:

"The Constitution EXPLAINED"!: The Center for Civic Education and iCivics  joined with scholar Linda Monk JD to produce 35 videos and lesson plans to explain key aspects of the U.S. Constitution.  The National Constitution Center also released, "Constitution 101".  These resources can be easily adapted in adult education civics curriculum and citizenship classes.

What's Up?

12/15/2022 New Citizenship Test Already in the Works (blog post)
Suggested changes include multiple choice civics test and description of photos as part of the "English test."

12/20/2022 Walkthrough of the Enhancing Access for Refugees and New Americans Webpages (online resource)
An interactive IELCE Immigrant Integration Framework that links to separate pages with resources on a variety of topics that include integrated education and training (IET), rights and responsibilities of citizenship and civic participation, partnerships, and workforce preparation activities.

12/31/2022 Lost in the Pond: I Did It. I Just Became a US Citizen. (video)
Sometimes ya gotta laugh! Laurence Brown takes a comic look at the similarities and differences between English and American culture.  Also the sequel "6 Things I Can Now Legally Do As A New US Citizen".

01/02/2023 This Land Becomes Their Land. New U.S. Citizens Hit a 15-Year High (article)
Nearly one million immigrants became Americans in 2022.  What will be their impact on American society?

01/04/2023 USCIS Issues Proposed Rule to Adjust Certain Immigration and Naturalization Fees (news release)
Highlight: The $760 fee for the N-400 Application for Naturalization will include the biometrics.

01/12/2023 Naturalization Test Redesign January-12-2023 (online national engagement)
Register to attend.

01/16/2023 Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday (online resource)
The Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday is an official day of service and celebrates the civil rights leader’s life and legacy.  Includes resources and volunteer opportunities.

Looking forward:
01/22 Lunar New Year; Feb: African American History Month; 02/15 Susan B. Anthony Day; 02/20 Presidents' Day.  For more civic education and citizenship curriculum ideas, download the NCC 2022/2023 Academic Civic Calendar: 27 Amendments in 12 Months