Talking about Voting and Elections 01: VOA News World Elections 2024 and VOA60

Super Tuesday has passed and the countdown to U.S. Election Day 2024 has begun in earnest.   One of the best ways to start the conversations about voting and elections (and keep the conversation going throughout this year) is to link your students' voting experiences in their home countries with the issues and candidates  of the U.S. elections.  

VOA News offers two resources that cover voting and election news in students home countries that can spark classroom conversations:

VOA60: Watch and Learn

In 60 seconds, VOA present 4 news stories about important events--many of these news stories are related to voting issues and national elections.

  • Students identify the country and event.
  • Students further comment on the event.
  • Student link the impact of the event on their community and how people will vote in the U.S. Election.

VOA News: Special Reports: World Elections 2024

VOA has developed a world map with quick summaries of the approximately 50 national elections with special emphasis on press freedom.