TFNA Listening Session on Financial Access and Education--FEEDBACK REQUESTED

Recently, the White House Task Force on New Americans (TFNA) hosted a listening session on Financial Access and Education co-chaired by the Domestic Council and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Includes: SBA, VA, USCIS, FTC, HUD, Treasury, HHS, and USDA.


  • protection against financial scams and high cost services;
  • asset building through access to capital and banking services;
  • relevant and accurate financial education delivered by a diverse range of managers;
  • financial investment and community development in majority New American communities.

The TFNA is requesting feedback on the following questions by February 7.

Please contact

Question One:

What challenges do New Americans face assessing financial services and products that are often crucial for establishing financial stability and building wealth in the United States i.e., bank accounts, credit cards, remittance transfers, car loans, small business loans, mortgages?

Question Two:

What are the most prevalent financial scams or high-cost services you see marketed to New Americans and what strategies are the most effective in supporting New Americans to avoid these scams?

Question Three:

What best practices from local government, NGOs, and/or the private sector would you highlight for helping New Americans access financial opportunity and build their wealth and assets?

Question Four:

What are the best methods for New Americans to access and receive information related to financial access or education?  Who or what are the most trusted sources of information?

Question Five:

Based on your experiences working on newly arrived populations, how would you and/or your organization define successful economic integration?

Question Six:

What methods should be prioritized to support newly arrived populations as they advance beyond financial proficiency?

Question Seven:

Considering your organization's experience with newly arrived populations, what are the most critical components of financial literacy curricular?  How does your organization ensure financial literacy curricula are relevant to the needs of newly arrived populations?

Please note:

Although you are welcome to post your responses to this forum, it is hoed that you take this opportunity to provide direct feedback to the TFNA.  Please contact by February 7, 2023

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