Welcoming America's Updated Becoming a Welcoming Community Guide and Webinar Series

Welcoming America is pleased to announce the second iteration of the Certified Welcoming program, its signature program that recognizes U.S. cities, towns, and counties for their welcoming policies and programs.

Certified Welcoming is introducing a star designation system that will allow more communities to achieve one of five star designations under the Welcoming Standard version 2.0. Welcoming America’s new resource details changes to the Certified Welcoming program and the Welcoming Standard criteria that underpin the designation.   Download the updated Becoming a Welcoming Community

The Certified Welcoming program is now accepting applications from local governments interested in certification. A webinar series beginning on May 17, 2023 will explain the process and commitment it takes to become Certified Welcoming.

Learn more at Welcoming America an check out their YouTube channel.