Update on Civics, Citizenship, and Immigrant Integration


TESOL 2023, COABE 2023, and USCIS public engagements reveal exciting developments in Civics, Citizenship, and Immigrant Integration.  Join us for a review of the latest civic resources, best program practices, and increased adult learner civic participation.  Discussion and resources to follow in the Civics Education and Citizenship Group.

 Date: 4/24/2023 4:00 pm ET | 1:00 pm PT

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image: Jefferson Memorial Cherry Blossoms Tidal Basin Washington DC
source: Jay Wald, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons


Thank you for coming to the LINCS 4/24 Update on Civics, Citizenship,  Immigrant Integration webinar.  Here are some of the links that we shared.  Please add any questions, comments, and suggestions or email me directly at jgagliardi@musd.org,