2015 Tex-BEST Workforce Literacy Summit: Building and Scaling Career Pathways

Dear Colleagues:

The following is posted on behalf of Melissa Nitu-Sadler. I also know that the summit will have some exciting opportunities for participating via Twitter, please read on! Jackie Taylor, Evidence-based Professional Development and Science COP Moderator


2015 Tex-BEST Workforce Literacy Summit

Building and Scaling Career Pathways

August 11-13, 2015

Hosted by Alamo Colleges in Partnership with VALUEUSA


This year's summit "Building and Scaling Career Pathways" will once again bring together local, state and national practitioners from developmental education, adult basic education, and workforce development to participate in a forward-looking agenda that will help us prepare for the significant transitions and advances being made in our field in the next year. 

Agenda topics include:

  • Integrated Education and Training
  • Scaling and Sustainability
  • Partnerships and Employer Engagement
  • Access and Immigration

For More Information on sessions, dates, and time please review the Tex-BEST Workforce Literacy Summit Agenda-at-a-Glance.

Adult learners need to register at VALUEUSAʼs website with this link

Also hotel reservations with special rates are here

Early bird registration open until July 15, 2015. Register now for the Early Bird Rate! 

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