August 5th Discussion with Sierra Stoneman-Bell on her study of NYC programs' transition to remote teaching

Hello English Language teaching colleagues,

As you may know, we will have a day-long asynchronous discussion in the Integrating Technology group on Wednesday August 5th with Sierra Stoneman-Bell, from the Literacy Assistance Center in New York City, about the survey she has done with adult basic skills practitioners about the transition from in-person to online teaching of programs in New York City. Of course, this includes ESL/ESOL programs. This is an opportunity to get an in-depth view of the experiences of our colleagues in New York City, and to see what resonates with your own program and what is different. I encourage you to comment on those similarities and differences during the discussion. I also encourage you not to wait until August 5th, but instead to read about the findings and post your questions h now in the Integrating Technology group. You can read the report at

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Integrating Technology group