Can adult learners find your program?

Dear Colleagues:
Did you know that the most frequently accessed link in the new LINCS Learner Center is "Find a Program"?  Adults are looking for opportunities to learn and grow, and they can find a program that meets their needs by using the center's link to  America's Literacy Directory.  Is your program in the directory?  Is the information about your program up-to-date?  You can add or update a program by creating an account and submitting changes.  Please spread the word so that adult learners can find your program.

Cynthia Zafft

Postsecondary Completion Moderator


Thanks, Cynthia, what a great idea! When looking for an adult ed center, 43% of adult learners found their center through word of mouth - a friend, relative, or neighbor - according to a recent study of more than 300 adult learners across the country. But chances are really good that the person referring doesn't remember the center's phone number or address where the potential adult learner can get more information directly from the center. I'd encourage center administrators to keep their info up to date and to let all their current adult learners know about the directory. They could even consider recruiting an adult learner to monitor the directory info or update it. If the directory is accessible on a smartphone, it could be easily bookmarked for future referrals. Plus many adult learners (9% in last year's study) may not have that person-to-person connection and are looking on the internet for the info on their own. Keeping directory info current sounds like a terrific New Year's resolution for centers!


Hi Margaret:

I have used the directory to answer requests from friends and relatives around the country who want to know if there is an adult education program in their area.  It does work on my smartphone.  I wonder if those accessing the directory are folks without a friend or family resource.  I like the idea of having a point person or date for updating, Margaret.  Thanks!