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We are offering a free webinar on how to use the current issue of The Change Agent in the classroom. The webinar will give a tour of the current issue on immigration, offer ideas for lessons, and invite teachers to bring the new Call for Articles (on food) into their classrooms.
This free webinar will take place on Thursday, March 27 at noon. Register here:
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I have been absent from this list for a while, developing an approach that is based on creating a multi-media

distance learning program for adult ESL students. Below is an outline and I look forward to any comments.


Many adult immigrants in the US need to learn English as a Second or Foreign Language and to prepare for the US Citizenship test.

But, because of a variety of reasons, they are unable to attend classes in adult education learning centers.

A program based upon a Multi-Media Distance Learning Library can meet the needs of these English learners.

The program could include:

  1. Regular attendance in a class with a teacher or volunteer tutor at least once a week.
  2. Homework assigned according to the level of each student.
  3. Materials in the library: textbooks, videos, audios, and a list of free online lessons (the "flipped classroom").
  4. Teacher contact via Skype or cell phones to keep in touch with students at home.
  5. Teacher visits to homes to help students.
  6. Training and recruiting of Volunteer Tutors.

For those students who do not have computers at home, there is a program called Computers for Families that provides low-cost and even free computers to selected families.

Funding to start a Multi-Media Library can be obtained from grants provided by many Foundations.


1. Internet sites for ESL

ESL Websites for Students - ESL Program Resources - SUHSD ...‎

  2. Information: Computers For Families | Santa Barbara, CA | non-profit

Providing computers, Internet access and training for Santa Barbara County students whose families cannot afford to purchase them.

3. Grants: Google – “Grants for ESL Distance Learning”

Example: Grants Will Allow ESL Program to Create - Pitt Community College‎

Pitt Community College

Grants Will Allow ESL Program to Create ... funding for the creation of instructional videos and another for distance learning programming.