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Emotions and Learning: A Two Part Webinar on Understanding the Role of Emotions in Learning and Techniques to Manage Emotions in the Classroom, on the Job, and at Home!

Hosted by Laura Weisel, Ph.D.


Two Webinar Sessions for a Discounted Price

Wednesday, July 30 - 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM ET 
Thursday, July 31 - 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM ET


Webinar Description

Do the students in your program move out of one emotional crisis and into another? 

Do students begin with great gusto and then drop out? 

Do students often forget the information they just learned last week? 

Have emotional crisis situations and life drama kept students from achieving their goals?


This two part series, will offer an understanding of why emotions are a major part of how the brain processes new information and how learning can be stopped based upon past negative memories.  Tried and true techniques will be offered to address current crisis situations.


By the end of each session, participants will be able to:

Part I - Wednesday, July 30

•  Understand why emotions are brain functions that underlie all learning

•  Why childhood negative educational experiences continue to impact adult learning 


Part II - Thursday, July 31

•  How to implement four techniques to immediately help learners struggling with new crisis situations

•  How to proactively address common emotional baggage and put students back on track toward achieving their learning and employment goals!



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Wednesday, July 30 and Thursday, July 31 -  

Two Webinar Sessions for a Discounted Price_

NonMember: $70 (for both sessions and includes a 2014 NAASLN membership)

Member: $45 (for both sessions)


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Dr. Laura Weisel

Dr. Weisel has over 30 years experience in community, workforce, and institution-based adult basic, literacy, ESOL, special education, and mental health service delivery. She has held significant administrative positions at the local, state and national level, and created a model leadership academy for emerging leaders. In addition to conducting cutting-edge research, Dr. Weisel hosts Transforming Learning Courses along with organizational consulting.

Dr. Weisel holds degrees in Early and Middle Childhood Education, Reading, Special Education, Adult Learning, Neuro and Cognitive Psychology, and Research. She is the Director of Research and Innovation at the TLP Group, a social entrepreneurial organization that partners with states and organizations to align service delivery with research-based best practices that integrate curriculum and career pathways while empowering students with the knowledge they need to become successful learners and employees.

As author of PowerPath to Education and Employment, a transformational learning system, Dr. Weisel works with national, state, and local initiatives moving programs to implement holistic services, achieve client-driven outcomes, meet state and federal laws, and empower persons with specific learning needs to maximize lifelong learning and employment potential.