Formative Assessment for ELL Classrooms

Register for the upcoming webinar hosted by LINCS Region 1 Professional Development Center and find out how Chris Bourret incorporates formative assessment  in his classes, using Socrative

Improving Teaching Using Technology for Formative Assessment

Systematic formative assessment makes a difference in how well students learn.  Find out how you can improve teaching and learning by hearing what formative assessment is and the research upon which it is based.  Learn how technology tools can improve learning outcomes by providing learning progress information to teachers and to students. A panel of adult educators will share how to implement online and mobile assessment tools into the classroom.  See how these tools can be adapted and added to your teaching toolbox.

Date:  Thursday, December 10, 2015, 3:00 pm-4:30 pm

Presenters:  Christopher Bourret,  Ed Latham, Dr. Susan Finn Miller,  Dr. David Rosen

Hosts: Ben Bruno and Steve Quann, LINCS Region 1 Professional Development Center, a project of World Education

Pre-webinar assignment:   TEAL Center Fact Sheet: Formative Assessment

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Steve Quann
Educational Technologist
LINCS Region 1 Professional Development Center