An IMPORTANT discussion taking place now in the LINCS Program Management group

Hello LINCS colleague,

If the decision has not yet been made, your program or adult school may need to decide soon about whether or not to resume in-person classes and, if so, under what conditions and requirements. A discussion has begun in the LINCS Program Management group whose purpose is to share and discuss considerations so that, whatever your decisions are, you have information about what other adult basic skills education programs are considering, planning or doing.

I have listed in this discussion some considerations and possible choices; however, after you review them, I would like your help in adding other considerations that I may have missed, asking for clarity about what others or I have posted in that discussion, adding new perspectives, particularly those that are important to the instructors/teachers, tutors, other staff, and adult learners at your program or school.

From this discussion we will not necessarily have "the answers," and this is not a prescription, or a set of regulations of any kind. This is a discussion of considerations; its purpose is to provide an opportunity to think about this together in the broader context of what other adult basic skills (including ESOL/ESL) programs and schools may be considering or doing.

You are welcome to just follow this discussion; however, to actively participate in it – to comment or reply to a comment -- join the Program Management group, at least for the length of this discussion.

David J. Rosen, Moderator

LINCS CoP Program Management group