Learning to Achieve: Accommodations and English Language Learners -- updates to online course

LINCS has recently made changes to the content and platform of the current Learning to Achieve: Accommodations and English Language Learners online courses. The new versions will be released on August 15, 2019 and the existing version will no longer be available. If you have already enrolled or completed one of these courses, please complete the online course and/or obtain your certificate of completion for your records prior to August 14th. After this date, certificate of completions will no longer be readily available in the LINCS Learning Portal. If you have not completed the course by August 14th you will need to restart the revised course on the 15th to obtain a new certificate. 

We encourage LINCS users to consider taking the revised courses as well as they reflect changes driven by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act as well as research and practice since the original courses were developed. We look forward to sharing the revised courses with you!