Lessons learned about immigrant integration

We’re happy to announce that the report on lessons learned from the Networks for Integrating New Americans initiative is now available. This publication features the lessons learned from the work of five local networks that planned and implemented immigrant integration services and activities in their communities. Adult education programs played a key role in each of these networks.  

The report highlights the important role of network development in enabling community organizations to come together around challenges that are too complex for any individual organization to resolve.  In this process partner organizations build strong collaborative relationships, contribute their unique knowledge and experience to a shared effort, and are able to achieve a collective impact well beyond what they could achieve alone.

The Networks for Integrating New Americans networks came together to address a variety of immigrant integration issues, such as building immigrant civic engagement and citizenship, building services that better prepare and match professionally-trained refugees with work that utilizes their skills, and engaging employers and the workforce development system in building access to career pathways for English language learners.

You can find this report, as well as other project-related documents, on the World Education website

Andy Nash, World Education