LINCS Events for AEFL Week!

Register now for these events during Adult Education and Family Literacy Week!

Monday, Sept. 18 @ 3:00 ET

  •  AEFL Week Virtual Celebration: Join us to celebrate Adult and Family Literacy Week by sharing your student success stories and positive changes in your program from th past year. REGISTER HERE!

Tuesday, Sept. 19 @ 12:30 ET

  • Understanding the Multi-Generational Classroom and Workforce:  Are there really differences between Millennials and Gen Z? Who is Gen X? And why does understanding these differences help in both managing the workplace and the classroom? Join us to discover common traits among the generations and discuss what this means for our Adult Education programming. REGISTER HERE!

Wednesday, Sept. 20 @ 3:00 ET

  • Exploring Workforce Preparation Using the Pennsylvania Foundation Skill: Join us this Adult and Family Literacy Week to learn about a new resource to help adult learners become more prepared for the workforce. Chuck Klinger, Destiny Simpson, and Chrissie Klinger will share the Pennsylvania Foundation Skills and provide ideas on how to use the materials to support instruction, career exploration, and IET development.  REGISTER HERE!

Thursday, Sept. 21 @ 3:00 ET

  • See Reluctant Students Become Avid Readers as They Experience Literature!:  "Teacher, I can't believe it. On the weekend I read six more books." If you want to hear excitement like this from learners, come and experience fresh ideas for using fiction in your instruction. Trish Udell, an ESOL teacher in Arizona, will highlight creative literature-based activities to build skills using oral reading, pronunciation, journal writing, role playing, dictation, idioms, and more. REGISTER HERE!

Friday, Sept. 21 @ 1:00 ET

  • AEFL Week Celebrates Educational Justice Advocacy: Join us during Adult Education and Family Literacy Week as students, educators, and administrators from across the country highlight the importance of adult literacy. We’ll showcase the amazing work underway with adult educators to support students behind and beyond the walls of our prisons and jails. During this open discussion, the LINCS Community Correctional and Reentry Education group, the Prison Literacy Committee for the Coalition on Adult Basic Education and the Correctional Education Association will share successes, best practices, and advocacy tips. REGISTER HERE!