New International Online Course for ESOL Teachers

Dear colleague: We are happy to announce a new free online course for ESOL teachers who work with students at the lowest literacy levels. There will be participants from Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Spain, and Turkey. All of the documents, readings, and discussions will be offered in English, Finnish, German, Spanish, and Turkish. There will be opportunities for international discussions using English. Please read the official announcement below..  

The link for enrollment is below. 

Announcement from the Module Organizers:

Building on the success of our February 2015 international pilot online module, Teaching Vocabulary to LESLLA (Low Educated Second Language and Literacy Acquisition) Learners, EU-Speak 3 project partners (seven international universities listed below) invite you to join our free international online moduleWorking with LESLLA Learners, which will run for six weeks starting February 22, 2016. This is the first of six new modules to be delivered over the next three years.

The modules are designed to provide support and professional development for practitioners working with adult immigrant learners who have limited or no native language schooling and specific literacy learning needs.

The first module will help teachers develop essential skills, knowledge, understanding, and tools to work successfully with this learner population and will support both qualified and trainee teachers in their work with these learners. You may be working either in formal classrooms or as a volunteer within your community.


As part of a growing international community of LESLLA teachers, you will be able to share experiences with fellow participants across countries and continents. You will have a choice of sharing in your own language group or using our international discussion forum for activities to share your thoughts and ideas. 

The team of international mentors will provide support during delivery of the module.

By the end of module #1, Working with LESLLA learners, you will be able to:

•     Describe characteristics of LESLLA learners

•     Select materials and resources appropriate for the needs of this learner group

•     Gain skills in helping learners develop print awareness and recognize sound/symbol correspondence

•     Analyze techniques and strategies for incorporating literacy skills into thematic lessons

•     Design and implement activities for LESLLA learners.

 For more information about this module, please visit the website at

This will take you to the syllabus and enrollment documents. Please download the enrollment form, complete it, and return it at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Martha Young-Scholten – Project Lead (on behalf of EU-Speak 3 team), University of Newcastle, U.K.,  and Nancy Faux, English Language Module Facilitator, Virginia Commonwealth University

Other project partners are:  

University of Cologne, Germany
University of Granada, Spain
University of Jyvӓskylӓ, Finland
University of Northumbria, England
Boğaziçi University, Turkey