September Change Agent webinar

A new issue of The Change Agent, with pieces written by adult learners from all over the country, is back from the printer. This issue’s focus - food - brings up powerful memories. Stories from the kitchen often touch on themes that matter the most to us. Exploring how we produce, distribute, and eat our food helps us raise many interesting questions about our society and our economy, and offers many opportunities for skill development.

Attend a FREE lunchtime webinar on Tuesday, September 23, at noon EST, with special guest, Carey Reid, who will be demonstrating the use of explicit instruction for building fluency and comprehension, and using articles from the issue to build an instructional unit. The webinar is free, but you must register to attend:  Carey will provide lesson plans before the webinar so you have a chance to look them over. 

Our next issue will be on prisons. You can find the Call for Articles ere: Students whose writings are accepted receive a $50 stipend.

You can find a great 2-minute video on the website ( that takes you on a tour of all of its helpful features.